Success Stories

The K Zone has transformed countless lives with our personalized fitness plans. Below are some of our most recent transformations…

Bydea H.

Lost over 30 pounds!

Her Biggest Challenge“Making better food choices.”
Best Thing About Losing the Weight“Being in shape!”

Eleanor V.

Lost 10-12 inches, 3% body fat, and added muscle mass!

Her Biggest Challenge“Changing my eating habits.”
Best Thing About Losing the Weight“Having a more defined and toned body!”

Marcy Cunningham

Lost over 15 pounds and LOTS of inches!

Her Biggest Challenge“Eating smaller portions and limiting unhealthy snacks.”
Best Thing About Losing the Weight“I feel a lot better and have lots more energy!”

Nikki B.

Lost 22 pounds and 4% body fat!

Her Biggest Challenge“Making the decision that it was time to get fit.”
Best Thing About Losing the Weight“Feeling great about the way I look.”

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